Monday, 26 October 2015

Faith and TRUST Began with Instruction

This is a video that is only a few minutes long but it beautifully and simply expresses the way that the faithful have maintained the instruction, given by Jesus himself. Be blessed.

We can never condemn anyone who is following instruction given by the Lord himself in the past or present time. Being guided to discover this video is certainly timely.

A few times during 2013, I asked audibly in prayer, Jesus what do you want me to do for you and heard in the spirit his reply 'Write for me'.....

This did not happen once, it happened a few times.

Having had a few dreamsand visions with Jesus, on another blogspot page I have shared some of the heart to heart, soul to soul messages given and after this, then been guided to find scriptures that have been necessary for me to know. Yes I do want to know that these messages are actually real....

Jesus has referred to the wicked one, the evil one and his family. He has spoken of his family by adoption too. God did not leave us without a comforter - someone to talk  to anytime.

Jesus being alive can communicate in anyway that he wishes...but he wants people to communicate with him.Today there is the cordless telephone and wireless computer.

Progress is made to conceptualise possibilities.

Talking to God does not need a telephone line and this is without cost....But in the mystery of history, God the Father, has ensured that people have known him through the Son, Jesus Christ..

Sometimes people will lose all hope and faith, when they find it again. Sometimes people will go through extreme suffering before they cry out to God. And sometimes people doubt and that is OK because in doubting we become seekers, and in prayer truth is being revealed today.

Do not compare your experience with other people.....But let every testimony and inspiratoinal video inspire faith and bring you closer to seeking the truth from God.

He will guide. He will reveal the truth too.

Let your relationship with God be personal....

All over the world,  people are told of the return of Christ but few people really believe, There are people who doubt he was ever born...and there are those who say he is a myth.

Let your teachers be credible...

The truth will prevail.

Let's go slow with this....Let's try and understand.

Jesus ensured that everyone knows where he has gone to and where he will return from. The reason for his return is because of the rulers over this land have broken all the rules...

So we suffer and wait patiently....

We also know that punishments will take place too.

Evil will be has to.

The cross is not a pagan symbol but a powerful reminder of what happened in history...Over 2000 people were crucified, a punishment for treason....They know the truth about tyranny too.

The worthy King is not one that lies to the people.

Trusting in faith is what we are called to do.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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